film log: malasimbo 2018

for the first time, went to malasimbo just for kicks instead of working. been doing work for malasimbo for the past three years as a photographer, a videographer and a road manager for the different LOGICLUB acts that have graced the stage in puerto galera. didn't bring a camera set up, just ran with my trusty film cameras and was pleasantly surprised with all the shots we got. too bad i lost one whole roll of film since it was an old expired roll i got off of a flea market.

it was quite rainy but that didn't stop us from catching hiatus kaiyote and the rest of the acts.

massive love for my housemates in kalaw place aka the trap house and the homies we met at the last morning we had in the mangrove, which made for an insane after party.

malasimbo really is one of the few times i can let loose and do whatever and for good reason. can't wait for next year.

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